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10th June 2021

Birmingham charity gets wellbeing boost from grant

An organisation set up to help people suffering from chronic fatigue has received a major boost from IM Properties’ Peddimore Community Fund, after normal funding streams dried up during the pandemic.

A £2000 grant helped Birmingham based Salus maintain its free service for sufferers, whilst its founder, Linda Jones, looked for creative ways to generate future income including

a monthly subscription Fatigue Wellbeing Hub and online shop.

For Linda, Salus has been very personal journey, having herself experienced chronic fatigue through corporate burn-out and finding no provision in the system to help deal with it.

This lived experience caused her to leave her high-flying job and take matters into her own hands, setting up Salus now employing four people and engaging with some 15,000 people in the local community.

“I was a classic example of someone working all hours and running on adrenalin, not listening to their body until it completely shut down and left me unable to walk, talk and eat, “ said Linda.

“I had to find my own route through and afterwards was passionate about helping to make a difference to other sufferers and show them there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Linda continued: “When I saw IM Properties’ Community Fund, I could see they were a company which cared about people’s wellbeing and believed there could be some exciting future synergies between the two organisations.”

Before the pandemic, Salus worked with a number of Birmingham businesses to help employees spot the first signs of burn-out and deliver wellbeing workshops, in addition to assisting people with fatigue resulting from cancer or brain injuries.

Salus is also now helping with post pandemic fatigue and helping people feeling anxious returning back to work.

Kerry Amory social value manager at IM Properties said: “Linda has gone on an inspiring journey and thankfully for other people experiencing this debilitating condition, she has had the grit and determination to help bring them hope of living a normal life again.

“Looking after our wellbeing is so important and as a business Salus really resonated with the grant panel managed by Heart of England Community Foundation.

“Salus is also more relevant today than ever before as we hear of increased cases of chronic fatigue resulting from Long Covid. I’m confident her new online Fatigue Wellbeing Community will bring welcome relief to many.”

For further information on the grants or to apply, please visit: http://www.heartofengland.co.uk/peddimore-community-fund/ or call 024 7688 3297.

To learn more about chronic fatigue watch https://tedxbirminghamcityuniversity.com/linda-jones