26th April 2022


A local baby loss charity is helping to give grieving parents the greatest gift they can with the help of funding from local developer IM Properties.

The Lily Mae Foundation creates memory boxes to capture and cherish the final moments bereaved parents spend with a still born or neonatal child before they have to say goodbye.

Set up in 2010 by Ryan and Amy Jackson, who themselves experienced a still born child, the Lily Mae Foundation has supported thousands of people and their families in similar circumstances.

Ryan Jackson, now a support worker with the charity and proud father of four other children with his wife Amy said:

“Without the funding and support from organisations like IM Properties, we wouldn’t be able to continue to deliver our service and memory boxes to treasure which cost £80 each.”

IM Properties donated a £2000 grant through its Peddimore Community Fund which is managed by the Heart of England Community Foundation and is available to grassroots organisations surrounding its new Minworth development.

“Those first few hours after losing a child are time critical,” says Ryan. “Your world is turned upside down and to be given the tools to create lasting memories of a child for all the family to remember and share as part of the grieving process is incredibly important.

“The contents of the box have evolved over time as we get feedback from parents and find new ways to capture the moments such a clay print kit to create imprints to make into a necklace and a notebook to keep a record of events.

“All these details you would never think about at the time yet can be invaluable in the days, weeks and months which follow.”

In addition to the memory boxes The Lily Mae Foundation offers a Baby Loss Support Service delivered by bereaved parents trained to offer one to one and group sessions. They have also launched a podcast called Still Parents and offer a range of other services to assist siblings and grandparents too.

Kerry Amory social value manager for IM Properties said, “It’s these stories which touch us all so much and drive our community foundations forward to seek out these organisations which are delivering amazing support services to people free of charge.

“Ryan and Amy have shown such care and dedication in creating the Lily Mae Foundation and a creating positive legacy for their daughter. They are incredibly professional and have thought about every detail needed to offer the very best service they can. They are a real inspiration.”

The Peddimore Community Fund is available to help local groups, both big and small. Past grants have been awarded to a bingo club to help the elderly feel less isolated and environmental groups helping young people connect with nature.

Kerry added: “All the groups contribute to building a community and when we invest in an area, we want to ensure our investment isn’t limited to our development but reaches out beyond its boundaries to the people and places which really make the difference.”

For further information on how to access grants of up to £2000 from the Peddimore Community Fund visit https://www.heartofenglandcf.co.uk/peddimore-community-fund/