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29th November 2021


A local organisation dedicated to the protection and enhancement of green urban space has been helping to re-connect young people in Castle Vale with nature.

The ‘not for profit’ Community Environmental Trust (CET) held a programme of green activities funded by a grant from the Peddimore Community Fund.

The Peddimore Community Fund was set up nearly three years ago by IM Properties, to assist grassroots organisations in North-East Birmingham near its new Minworth scheme.

Alicia Grande, one of four workers from the small but dedicated team running CET said:

“For many adults playing in the outdoors was a part of their childhood which they took for granted, however growing up is very different now.

“Tech dominates so much of young people’s lives; we have to actively engage them in nature to help them get outside and experience its wonders first-hand.

Alicia added: “Once connected, we find the young people to be very reflective and inspired by all the things they can learn and do.

“It’s great spending time with them, they’re so polite and inquisitive and when we get the opportunity to reach out and help other communities, we’re always really proud of their achievements.”

CET works with eight-to-16-year olds to promote urban green space and connects with residents, schools and community organisations, also running a Forest School.

IM Properties has worked with CET previously during a pop-up Active Arts event at Sutton Park.

Alicia adds: “Being a small organisation we rely on funding and are very grateful to IM Properties and its community fund.

“We make every little bit count, teaching the children to value the natural resources we use for projects and to make sure there is never any waste.”

Kerry Amory social value manager for IM Properties said: “We all know the importance of encouraging future generations to look after the environment and our planet and CET achieves this in a very positive way.

“Some of the young people stay with CET from age eight to teenagers and become young leaders at 14 or return from university to volunteer. It’s a very nurturing organisation which is fantastic to support and we’re keen to get them involved with our public art at Peddimore too.”

For further information on CET visit https://environmentaltrust.org.uk.

For further information on the grants from the Peddimore Community Fund please visit: http://www.heartofenglandcf.co.uk/peddimore-community-fund/ or call 024 7688 3297.