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30th June 2021

Hike For Homeless 2021 Training blog

When IM Properties signed up to become headline sponsor for St Basil’s Hike for Homeless event in July, it seemed so easy to say –  yes of course we’ll enter a team to walk 24 miles!

Then as the words sank in, and we thought about what an undertaking it was to navigate such a distance, we thought we better get in some training!

Now we’re just a little bit competitive at IM Properties. You can see team members sweating it out at table tennis on a lunchtime, trying to move up the leader board.

So you can see, just sponsoring the event was never going to be an option and that’s why we are pleased to have amongst us, Tom Holdcroft, ex-army reserves and technical co-ordinator for IM Properties. Tom is a keen hiker and his walking pace is most people’s jog. He’s exactly the right person to help us take on the challenge.

For all of us though, it’s not just about being the first to cross the finish line (although we have got our eye on the prize! 😉), our real motivation is raising money and awareness for St Basils –  one of our social value partners on our Peddimore manufacturing and logistics scheme – and as Tom explains it’s making the difference that really counts.

As a team we’re  all pretty motivated otherwise we wouldn’t be working for IM Properties, however there’s always been a big emphasis on wellbeing both on our schemes and in the office.

Only recently I’ve been working on the neighbourhood centre on Blythe Valley Park where promoting a sense of community and wellness at work has been pivotal to all our decisions.

It’s refreshing working for a company that is not just about profit and goes above and beyond to make a difference.

Our focus is always on delivering both a social and economic benefit to the surrounding communities and as individuals and as a business delivering real social value has become a key driver.

We have four social value partners on our Peddimore scheme who we aim to support through fundraising and utilising our skills to provide business advice and a platform for them to share their great work and gain further awareness.

St Basils is a charity that resonates with all of us. For me personally going through a pandemic, having a lot of time to think and reset during the lockdowns, you wonder what it would be like if you didn’t have the support and means to take care of yourself.

I am a keen advocate of looking after mental health and I’ve even taken to vlogging about it. Hiking has amazing health benefits for both the mind and body and everyone has enjoyed getting out and training.

Luckily for the team, I’m also a good navigator having learnt to do it in the army reserves, so hopefully there’s no chance of us getting lost over the course.

I have an added motivation too! My brother is competing in a team with Richborough Estates and so as well as some healthy inter-company competition, they’ll be some sibling rivalry going on also!

So while we’re doing all the hard work, all you need to do is log onto  https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/IMProperties – and give something back. Or if you think you can take us on, 💪 why not enter a team yourself?!  https://stbasils.org.uk/events/hikeforhomeless/