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Zone A:

Over 47 acres of Zone A are already committed to development which leaves 16.8 acres available for further development. This can accommodate up to 385,000 sq ft of bespoke buildings to suit occupier requirements for manufacturing/logistics uses.

Zone B:

Zone B has a Manufacturing (B2) planning consent and can accommodate a single unit of up to 1,000,000 sq ft.

Unit G: 110,500 sq ft

(10,266 sq m)

Unit F: 1,000,000 sq ft

(92,903 sq m)

Unit E: 151,750 sq ft

(14,098 sq m)

Unit D: 70,000 sq ft

(6,503 sq m)

Unit C: 145,500 sq ft

(13,517 sq m)

Committed to an occupier

Unit A: 180,500 sq ft

(16,769 sq m)

Imagery, plans and CGIs used are indicative at this stage.